Services include:


  • Tax planning (Consulting, Including completing and submitting tax returns)
  • Investment planning (unit trusts, endowments, international investments, share portfolios, tax free savings)
  • Risk planning:
  • Long term insurance: (Life, disability, income protection, illness cover)
  • Short term insurance: (Car, home, building, boat insurance)
  • Professional insurance: (Professional indemnity)
  • Business short term insurance: (Factories, office building, office contents, stock, equipment and vehicle)
  • Health care: (Medical aids, GAP cover)
  • Estate planning (Local and offshore trust, Wills, Liquidity analysis)
  • Business assurance planning (Buy & Sell insurance, key man insurance, contingency liability)
  • Employee benefits (Pension, provident funds, group life and disability cover)
  • Financial management (Enhancing cash flow management and having more cash available)
  • Retirement planning (Living annuities, retirement annuities, maximise capital growth and preserve capital, tax free savings)